This Bennato cover is just --Its not what one might expect but is it "dreadful" LOL YOUR THOUGHTS
A MORE MAGNIFICENT THAN MARX MESSIANIC MANIFESTO of WORLDWIDE WEALTH (MONETINE MONDIALI)aka the lynx's lyrical layout Why should Matilda be underground? Ding dong the wicked coked out power grabbing stansfield is dead along with Leon--maybe not but OH WELL.
We are the living stones in the castle, we are the flowers in the garden, each one of us is part of it, every single person in the world is part of the New Jerusalem.

We dont need tony/ to buy us spumoni/ power grabbing is just phoney baloney.
https://media.giphy.com/media/Qs7zIiqo9cPb2vf1j2/giphy.gif THE MISSION IS THE GARDEN. THIS IS THE GOAL. THE METHOD IS URIELS (ORIGINAL VERSION THE WILDWOOD SCHOOL.) THE MEMBERS ARE LEON'S LIST. THE MONEY IS MONETINE MONDIALI, PIER GIORGIO'S COMPANY. Luc Besson referred to Leon as a fairy tale, of a couple of kids who meet and fall in love. While this is true, the story is also a @metoo moment since Besson instead of blowing himself up, became rich following the films fame, and was able to behave like an indulged child if he wished, while his muse Mai Lin Win, instead of going back to the Wildwood school with Leon's money, was quickly abandoned by Besson after having his child and became a spokeswoman for vulnerable young girls.
The original mission of monetine mondiali was to give people like Matilda hope, a safe place to live, be educated, and keep the money they earned.
It was only later that the Green Garden dream, a place without prices on anything, the possibility of that sort of Paradise of Eden, envisioned in the loaves and fishes or Acts 4:32.
Another European film director, Pier Paolo Pasolini, wrote an essay called the unhappy young people in which he blamed the suicidal wish of Matilda not on some DEA agent but on himself and his generation, for allowing eucatastrophe to be replaced by consumerism. In other words, we need to return to a belief in the reality of things we cannot see.
the "plug" was not Stansfield, but the eternal energy of ecstatic eucharistic existence, announced by angels as portrayed in Il Angelo second Matteo,

In one what may be of the most concise and telling summeries of the human existential crisis in movie history, the 12 year old Matilda the victim of extreme bullying by those in power, is suicidal.
She suggests to Leon that they play the russian roulette game Love or death, to which his response is "Get off my case, Matilda" in other words, leave me alone. indifference.
As Jesus says, if you are neither hot nor cold I will spit you out of my mouth.

A couple of minutes later when he warns her "there's a round in the chamber" she echos his indifference back to him: "what's it to you if I end up with a bullet in the head huh" which means, if he doesn't care enough about her, Stansfield will put a bullet through her head just like he does all his enemies.

These are the cool courses (some).
aaron, acutis, and the heroes of the www.
astronomy and astrophysics.
Agronomy and agriculture and bricklaying.
alexander the great and aristotle.
art of all kinds and art history of all periods.
various languages and literatures, the literature of chivalry ex. Chanson de Roland (modeled after all the Alexander the Great propaganda et etc) which became increasingly mocking ie Canterbury Tales, and later, Shakespeare and Don Quixote, as people became more literate they thought of the predecessors as brutish but thats stupid, we put all our hope in "science" while excluding phenomenology and cybernetics from our calculations, and stupidly made the H bomb in the 20th century hello.If thats not false progress what the H is? NO PUN INTENDED.
Also dante found a way to elevate chivalry rather than flee the city like Bocaccio..we have later lit like the Russian aristocracy fading away, Vanya, or hte sicilian , the gatto pardo, bla bla
We do have Dante and the devil's buttcrack we need to fix all that. Chaucer had the fart sequence in the millers tale "this nicolas was risen for to pisse etc etc. in waiting for Godot we have the whole "my boots don't fit" sequence.
Gods deaht really was "the bomb in the devils buttcrack was wired to Romero Radio" and I BELIEVE THESE ARE THE DAYS OF MERCY FOR THE SINNER MERCY FOR THE SINNER SOMEWHERE
Anyway we could hae a memorial guarden of instead of all the suicides how about every single person in the world gets one brick that would be the new Jerusalem.
8 billion bricks would build a pretty big city right.